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Our Vision

CRB’s vision is to strengthen the indigenous church in Malaysia and beyond through equipping, empowering and encouraging indigenous Christian leaders.


Minister to the needs of Indigenous Pastors and Church leaders

We seek to meet their personal and spiritual needs by conducting a specialized leadership retreat called Leaders’ Refreshing Station (Stesen Kesegaran Pemimpin (SKP).

We seek to help in their socio-economic welfare  through personal economic development projects as well as designated funds.

Increase the personal and leadership capabilities of older indigenous pastors and eaders

We seek to develop and increase the effectiveness of their leadership by conducting leadership  training called Indigenous Leadership Development Institute (Institut Pembentukan Pemimpin Bumiputra or IPPB).

Develop the personal and leadership potential of younger indigenous pastors and leaders

We seek to develop and maximize their potential by conducting regular leadership development seminars Young Leaders Development Seminar (Seminar Pembentukkan Pemimpin Muda or SPPM).

Produce and distribute relevant resources for the needs of the Malaysian indigenous church

We seek to supply and equip indigenous churches with good relevant resources at affordable prices. We produce our own resources as well as source from other organizations involved in the production of Bahasa Malaysia resources.

Be a bridge and channel between Indigenous Churches and non-Indigenous organizations and churches

We seek to raise awareness about the challenges facing the Indigenous Church in Malaysia and become the bridge for the non-Indigenous churches and organizations who are interested to network and partner with them.


We are focused and specific in our mission

We are primarily called to help strengthen the indigenous church in Malaysia by equipping, empowering and encouraging the pastors and leaders.

We are interdenominational in our ministry

We will work with any individuals, groups, organisations or churches who would want to partner with us in strengthening the indigenous church.

We are faith based in our finance

We get our finance mainly from the support and donations from individuals, groups and churches that believe in our mission. We also seek to raise our own funds through the production and distribution of materials and resources especially relevant to the indigenous church.

We are accountable in our stewardship

We seek to be good stewards of the resources that have been invested in us and entrusted to us. We keep our overheads low in order to maximise the use of resources directly for the ministry.

We are national in our influence

We serve and partner with different Christian organisations, institutions and denominations throughout all the states in Malaysia.


Integrity and Accountability

We operate our ministry with integrity and accountability and have invited several godly and mature Christian leaders to sit on our Advisory Board to give guidance and keep it accountable. The Advisory Board members are:

Pastor Dr Philip Lyn
Senior Pastor of SIB Skyline

Mr William Pan
Elder, SIB Likas

Mr Alfred Yong
Lay Leader, Good Samaritan Church

Mr Sulimon Galus
Director, Campus Crusade Sabah

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