Completion Of 40 Years Of Ministry

Completion Of 40 Years Of Ministry

It is a wonderful and joyful feeling to be able to celebrate the completion of a 40 year cycle of ministry. As I reflect back over the past 40 years of my life and ministry, my heart is so full of thanksgiving and gratitude to God because:

  • It is He who had called me and gave me the privilege to serve Him just after my graduation from University of Malaya in 1976 when I was still a young Christian.
  • It is He who has protected me, sustained me and cared for me throughout the past forty years. Many times He saved me from danger, from despair, from dropping out and from falling down.
  • It is He who has chosen to use an ordinary person like me to be His instrument to touch and influence many lives in difference places in different circumstances.
  • It is He who has raised up many different people to mentor, to help, to guide, to support and to encourage me.
  • It is He who has provided the strength, stamina, wisdom, resources and grace to enable me to keep going.

While the past 40 years have been good, fruitful and enriching years, I believe the best is yet to come and the next season will be the most productive season of my life.

I have decided to take a six-month Sabbatical from January to June 2017 to rest, reflect read, study, write and travel. I pray that when I return to continue serving the Lord, I will be refreshed, recharged, renewed and rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit. The Lord has laid on my heart to focus on a four key areas. They are:

  • Helping and strengthening the three poorest and most oppressed indigenous groups in Malaysia, namely the Orang Asli in West Malaysia, the Penans in Sarawak ad the Orang Sungai in Sabah.
  • Mentoring a group of next generation leaders which I have named Team Joshua.
  • Producing and distributing more relevant Bahasa Malaysia resources to build and strengthen the Indigenous Church in Malaysia.
  • Helping and guiding Christians to discover their life purpose so that they can invest their life and resources to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy and in the process find true joy and fulfilment in life.
  • May the Lord continue to bless us and make us a blessing to others.

May this season of Christmas remind us that as Christ came the first time, He is coming back a second time soon.

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

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