In Challenging Times Our Faith Is Tested

In Challenging Times Our Faith Is Tested

We have just moved into the second half of 2016. In the first six months, so much has happened and is happening within our nation that has serious implications and direct consequences on our faith as Christians and future as citizens of Malaysia.

As we see, sense and seek to understand all the different events taking place in our nation, it is so easy to become fearful, anxious, reactive, negative. As we read about all the negative developments such as the attempts to introduce hudud laws, the fatwa that considers all non-Muslims as kafr harbi, the growing 1MDB scandal, we begin to wonder where is this nation heading towards and what will happen to this beautiful, harmonious and rich country we call home. We are clearly living in tumultuous, historic and challenging times.

But it is always in challenging times that our faith is truly tested . We must chose to fx our eyes upon God Almighty and see things from His perspective as Isaiah reminds us,

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fxed on you! 4Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock. He humbles the proud and brings down the arrogant city. He brings it down to the dust.

Isaiah 26:3-5

We need to strengthen ourselves in the Lord and response appropriately

We must pray, not become fearful or anxious
And know that He is sovereign and in full control in spite of all things happening

We must persevere not lose hope or give up
And depend upon His grace and strength which is suffcient for every need

We must partner with each other, not do our own thing
And experience the reality and blessings of true unity as we share our resources, leverage on each other’s strengths and synergise our efforts in building the Church in Malaysia

We must participate, not complain and criticize
And allow God to help each individual, church and organization to make a difference where He has positioned us

May the Lord grant each one His grace, wisdom and strength to face and overcome every challenge that come our way with faith, hope and courage

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May 16, 2016

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