New Year, New Season, New Changes

New Year, New Season, New Changes

2018 marks the 15th year of CRB’S existence. It is not only a new year but also a new season for CRB. What’s new?

New Office

After having moved from 2 different offices, we finally have moved into our own new office. With an area of 1500 sq ft, it is 50% bigger than our last office which was becoming too crammed for us. And what is best is that it is within walking distance from our home

New CRB Logo

We have created a new more modern and dynamic logo, done proffessionally

New CRB Website

We have also created a new website to keep our supporters informed of developments as well as to share about our ministry to a wider audience. Please visit our website: 

New Emphases

As we have grown and matured as an organization, we are more intentional and more strategic in our ministry focus.

a) Instead of generally maintaining and encouraging indigenous pastors and leaders under our Leaders’ Refreshing Station (Stesen Kesegaran Pemimpin, SKP) program, we are focusing on developing the next generation of younger pastors and leaders under our Young Leaders’ Development Seminar (Seminar Pembentukkan Pemimpin Muda SPPM) program

b) Instead of organizing the leadership seminars and retreats as before, we now request the local church/denomination to organize them and we just come in with our team to conduct the training and retreat

c) Instead of getting involved in programs that seeks to help pastors and leaders in improving their socio-economic lives, we focus now more on developing and strengthening their spiritual life, inner life and their life skills through the teaching and training modules we have produced called SKP SET

d) Instead of focusing on ministry to the Indigenous Church, we have started to focus more on ministering in English speaking churches, especially in two areas, namely:

  • mission awareness- to share with English speaking congregations the real needs of the Indigenous church
  • purpose awakening- to challenge the English speaking congregations to discover their life purpose through our DISCOVER YOUR LIFE PURPOSE (DYLP) seminars. And for those who are so led, to then intentionally invest their resources, talents and skills to support and help the Indigenous individuals and churches

We thank you for your past support and covet your continuing support and prayer as we move into our new season of  ministry

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My Next Season Of Life

June 30, 2018

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